How To Dry Out Your Phone When Dropped In Water

How to dry out your phone when dropped in water

Your Phone Dropped In Water And What Can You Do On That Time

  • Sometime this accident can do with us. Don’t worry i tell you what u how best tips then you save your pone if it taken dip in water.
  • After your powered on phone when you dropped phone in water, it advisable after taking out. Switching off phone prevent short circuit from damaging internals of phone.
  • After switching off phone, start removing everything form phone. Remove battery, Sim card and your memory card. Now, you easily wipe these off with dry cloth that no water remain on item
  • Shake the phone to get rid any water present in charging port, earphone jack, and under physical buttons. After this, wipe the phone with dry cloth or napkins paper to remove any water present on exterior.

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  1.        Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G
  2.        Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30 Tablet
  3.       Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo
  • This is most commonly used in technologies. Get air tight or zip-lock bad & fill will uncooked rice place the phone inside the rice and shut zip-lock container tight and keep it in dry place.
  • Now, you can leave phone in the rice at least 24 to 48 hrs. Don’t try take phone out to check it. It start work or not, if there was not too much water damage your phone hold start working.
  • How to dry out your phone when dropped in wate
  • Hello user keep in mind there is no guarantee, your phone survive a dunking in water only 50% chance of your phone work again that case phone don’t work after trying out rice method, take it to service center.
  • If you can travel in rainy season , then you get waterproof carry the pouches have transparent window which allow you see incoming notifications and the warranty does not cover water damage, there are third party insurance service available. The plans starting with RS.500.You can choose what all you need cover for , including liquid damage.


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